Why Get An Architectural Degree In 2022

why get an architectural degree in 2022


you work hard on a project and years later you see an amazing building in front of yourself what would you say then "I designed that"


seeing the result of your hard work is the proudest moment of anyone's life. you are a creative person who finds the way buildings affect people's lives and emotions you need to consider studying for an architectural degree.!


1. success of an architect development relay on transferable skills


how creative you are, is better for you will master what you are doing. an architect must be good at drawing and sketching. if you are obsessed with painting and designing when you are at college or school it will be the most useful skill for you as an architect.

architects need other more great benefits such as 


  • increase and strengthen your logical thinking
  • good at work with numbers
  • solving complicated problems
  • adapt and change working under stress
  • stuying passionate and dedicated to working on a project'
  • experimrent with your designing options


2. travel around and discover different architectural styles


an architect has the chance to create any connection with people and travel a lot for your projects, no matter if you are a consultant or a super visitor, you will be able to wander around the world to look at the initial design of your project and watch the growth of your idea.

you are desired to explore and expand your horizon and constantly learn new things. you must be followed experiments when you go to another country, you should open your eyes experience the culture, feel the rhythm of your place boom...... you come up with a new idea of how you can contribute to making a certain place look even more spectacular

3. being an architect is rewarding and fulfilling

architect means that you will need to work overtime, not because you have to meet tight deadlines set by clients but because you will feel to urge to continue working on your project until it becomes unique and meet your criteria. your aim must be to seek perfection and avoid mistakes.

but once you have done it, you will suddenly find yourself looking at the real building and enjoying the goal of your work


4. architects must be well paid and appreciated

people who choose a carrier as an architect will do more than just design buildings, offices, and structures. they will design homes, design places people live, laugh, work and like to spend more time. the people must feel secure and relaxed helping them to make productive outputs and recharge their batteries when needed.

architects design places where we spend a large portion of their lives. and that's the only reason they need to be appreciated and earn a significant income.

according to the data from payscale these are the annual salaries in the us


  1. architect-62,000 USDA A year
  2. interior designer-50,320 USD a year
  3. town planner-60,640 USD a year
  4. architecture project manager-77,930 USD d a year
  5. landscape architect-59,860 USD/year


5. architectural students can become a true artist

when an architectural design, inspiration will hit you at an unexpected time and in unexpected places,90% of the architects love being in nature and respect every single part of it. They explore every inch, size, and shape of nature where they are.

sometimes you need to do is just sit down with a pencil and paper and start drawing and sketching. eventually, these will turn into real progress that will keep you dedicated until you have a new design of the building.

6. you don't get bored when you become an architect


Architects have to make a lot of connections you have to do a lot of phone calls and online and face-to-face meetings where they make proposals and work on to improve them making sure they deliver the possible result.


designing and planning

architects spend a lot of time on make sure that they meet the deadlines. creative solutions and ways to be original but also friendly to customers' pockets.


project management

architects sometimes need to work on large-scale and small-scale projects and are assigned as project managers too. it depends on how the overall construction is going.



architecture needs to be aware of the legal aspects of buildings and environmental studies, quality of goods


specialized on software

right now clients need more than concepts from simple drawings and prefer seeing virtual models of the idea with more details. most architects use programs that allow them to work faster save time make their sketches more realistic once they know what to create


the most used software are 

  1. rhino 3d
  2. revit architecture
  3. sketchup
  4. autocad
  5. maya