Online Interior Designing Courses In Kerala

Online Interior Designing Courses In Kerala

are you a creative individual who loves creating and designing different spaces? you dream to become successful in interior design. but due to some circumstances not enrolling in a regular full-time program. the answer is yes you are in right place.

with a high amount of tuition fee for conventional courses and a lack of time to pursue ones,s passion. online education is fast becoming after COVID-19 and lockdown. an especially creative course like interior designing. if you have the right skills and aptitude for designing office space, home an online interior designing course is just for you

Online Interior Designing Course And Specialization

you can enroll in an online interior designing course at any stage of your career when you at be an undergraduate or postgraduate level. all you need is an internet connection and smartphone or laptop and passion and commitment to interior designing
also please note that interior design degree courses usually are not offered online mode but as regular full-time programmers

Online Interior Design Specialization

most interior designing colleges did not offer specializations in online design courses, but some schools, and online education platforms offer the following online interior design course for students

  1. computer aided interior design
  2. home space
  3. commercial space
  4. interior decoration

Eligibility For Online Interior Designing

since online programs aim to enhance the existing skillset of students, usually, there are no specific eligibility criteria for online interior designing courses. you can pursue the course at any stage of your career based on classes 10,12, post-graduation, or graduation.

Online Interior Designing Skills

to make a career in interior designing, you should be creative and have some basic creative design sense, some other skillsets you need to become success full in this field are 

  1. color sense
  2. analysis
  3. ability manage technical details
  4. drawing skills
  5. basic knowledge of textures, materials, and trends
  6. communication skills
  7. attention to details

Online Interior Designing Syllabus And Subjects

an online interior design gives ideas only in theory but also in various practical and technical aspects of the field. the online interior designing classes are live interactions with live workshops and tool guidance.

this might be changed from one course and institute to another, some of the common online interior designing subjects and tools usually taught across all programs are mentioned below:

  1. .principle of interior designing&drafting
  2. .basic design and graphics 
  3. .computer aided design
  4. .furniture design
  5. .building materials and construction
  6. .design studio
  7. .project planning and client communication
  8. .sketch up
  9. .architectual design
  10. .autotech
  11. .color theory
  12. .3d rendering
  13. .photoshop

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