Architecture VS Interior Design: Differences You Need To Know

Architecture VS Interior Design: Differences You Need To Know

the difference between an interior designer and an architect is that architects work on structures and are trained to build them from the bottom. on the other hand interior designers, interior designers, work with spaces existing layout, materials, and other decor items to make them look what you imagine them to be rather than building them from scratch.
both are creative people making a difference in the lives of others, their roles are vastly different. let's explore these differences now.

who is an architect

an architect is a skilled professional trained in the science of building design. the work of an architect involves developing concepts for buildings and turning the concepts into plans -plans that eventually turn into commercial buildings, homes, and offices

an architect works on the overall appearance and aesthetic of structure, but their work involves more than that. the concept they making needs to be safe, and economical and must meet the needs of the people who use them .and that must need to be designed with the public health and safety of the people in and around it.

what exactly does architecture do?

the roles of architects are

  1. try to meet with clients to discuss their budget, requirements, and needs for their project.
  2. provide counseling and advisory services to clients.
  3. create detailed and awesome drawings and test5 them with different architect apps
  4. make sure that your designs conform to the various building requirements in the country and state and the locality the construction is taking place.


who is an interioesr digner?

an interior designer is a professional creating mind, aesthetically pleasing, and harmonious designs for home interiors. they know how to utilize a space in a building using their authoritativeness and expertise, they create designs that promote the welfare, safety, and health of inhabitants. it helps people to design functional rooms within a building, it involves furnishing the space in a room with aesthetically pleasing and fashionable things.

an interior designer is a personal stylist. they help to create an atmosphere in a building that aligns with their client's style.

what does an interior designer do?

even though handle with colors, furniture, and fabrics makes a huge part of an interior designer's job. if you want to get successful in interior designing you have to perform this task

  1. .work like a project manager, often with your hands in many pots. you have to manage various subcontractors while consulting with your client.
  2. .prepare comprehensive proposals and get an estimate about the project. some times you need a detailed presentation to prospective clients on how you'll undertake a project
  3. .study about the structural components used in the construction

Architecture VS Interior Design


you need a license to be an architect-but the same can't be said about interior designers. designers and decorators can choose self-employment, they don't need anything special training or license to do that on a project

but architects need to meet their education requirements to get a license. for architects, going to architectural school and earning a professional degree through a program conducted by NCARB.

what they design

architecture designs buildings and structures on the other hand interior designers design the interior of the building. an architect needs to put a hand on the technical aspect of the design process. designers style the building architectures constructed.

what they focus on 

designers focus o aesthetics. creating interior spaces that are pleasing and highly functional with the use of color palettes, decorations, and furniture used in the room.
architectures mostly focused on the technical aspect of the building, they pay attention to things like building materials, ventilation, climate, etc..


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