7 Things To Know About Before Starting A Career In Interior Design

7 Things To Know About Before Starting A Career In Interior Design

if you are thinking about starting a career in interior design, you have come to the right place. while the many-many reality shows about home renovations and documentaries about great designs may have helped to raise awareness of the role and importance of interior design in our lives, they have also created a rather sensationalized and inaccurate picture of the interior design industry at large. there is much more to the field than what meets the eye. in this article, we will take you through the 10 things to know before pursuing a career in interior design.

1. interior design is not just home renovation or residential design.

in recent years, with the increase in home renovation and design reality shows, it is easy to get a false sense of understanding of the interior design industry and the profession. before starting a career in interior design, you must know these shows reveal only one specific aspect of the field, and there is so much more in interior design, such as hospitality, commercial, retail, food court, education institutes, and hospitals. all these fields you need professional knowledge beyond aesthetics.

2. interior design is not interior decoration.

both of them need a sense of aesthetics and composition, the interior design is done on the places such as walls, and ceilings while interior decoration takes place beyond the surface of the walls. interior design is a combination of arts and science. requiring comprehensive knowledge of materiality and construction, planning, and conceptualizing

3. professional requirements for interior designers in your country or region.

it is very important to find out and understand what qualifications you need to work as an interior designer in your region. you have to check what are the things you need for it is its degree or you need a license.in many regions, a bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement for a career in interior design. while a license to practice architecture is most often mandatory, a license for interior design could be optional, but good to consider nonetheless

4. there are both international and local interior design associations and organizations that could provide valuable resources.

international interior design association. which connects designers with job opportunities, scholarships, and training resources.

5. being good at drawing is not enough, having strong creative thinking skills is

interior designing is a practice and a form of art, it is commonly assumed that solid artistic abilities are necessary to take up the profession. this is not real because of two reasons: because many interior designing teaching mainly focuses on drawing techniques secondly when you draw, it is not about getting neatness of your drawing. but maintaining an accurate sense of space, scale, and proportion of the human body.

6: communication and people skills are just as important as design skills.

since the design industry is about constant negotiations between clients and designers, if you build good design solutions does not mean anything if it cannot be communicated effectively.

7. be ready to hear "will you design my house" for your career

be confident in your work rather than a real request, such phrases usually come from your friends, family, and acquaintances upon first hearing your profession. 

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